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Iom yacht kits

By | 13.07.2020

I took up vane sailing for a while in the A Class and 36R, so if anyone needs a crew, I'd be happy to oblige. Until recently I also campaigned a Sword A Class. She is ready once again to go to a good home, send me an e-mail if you are interested. This site is aimed at technical and theoretical aspects of RC yacht racing.

iom yacht kits

In particular, it has a number of spreadsheets to download. Although aimed at the IOM, they should be useful for any non-rotating fractional Bermuda sloop rig. These pages are intended for educational purposes. My education particularly smilebut I hope you find them useful too. If you'd like to use anything for gain or commercial purposes, we must talk. Creative Commons licence at foot of page.

With luck, all site images have found their new folders and now show. Please do let me know if you spot anything still missing, thanks! The material is classified into the three major headings of DesignBuildand Race. Anything not fitting that scheme goes into Other Topics except for Links and Reports which have a place on the main navigation bar. Under Design are pages on How a yacht works, How aerofoils work, Where lift comes from, How fins and sails work, Appendage design, Hull design, Sails and rigging design, and The boat as a whole.

Robot Yachts

Under Race are pages on Preparation Boat speed, Avoiding errors, StrategyDuring the regatta including topics on the racing rulesIn the race Boat speed, Avoiding errors, Tacticsand Performance improvement. This Web site content is to be Attributed to Lester Gilbert. You are free to Share to copy, distribute and transmit the Web site content and to Remix to adapt the Web site content for non-Commercial use under the conditions of this licence as long as you Distribute under the same licence.

Some site statistics instead: approx pages, images, 40 spreadsheets Site content The material is classified into the three major headings of DesignBuildand Race.Printable Catalogue. Boat News- photos from sailors around the world we ship to, many pages, lots to see, we hope it gives you ideas! Click on product image or text below.

Lots more kitsspeed boats, timber build sailboats, ready to run kits and hulls to build up! Downloadable files will allow you to print a boat at home in your choice of materials.

Choice of colors and cloths, Spectre Sails since ! Boom Vangs, bottle screwspulleysrudder stocks, booms and more from Sailsetc! For these and other new items, keep a check in the New Products pages! Sailing in Salt water? You need this! Corrosion xcoat your reciervers and servos in the liquid and it forms a protective membrane that conducts electricity but shields moisture, protects for a long time.

Boom VangsBoom Kits and new fittings! VM01 Lightweight Vang from Varient is now available as a kit with round boom fittings pack,SailsEtc Vangs to suit Rectangular vangs are now also available with I boom fitting to suit round booms.

Varient Boom fitting kits are for 11mm round jib and mainsailbooms found here click. Elastic return cord and dek patch material! Some international marblehead racing and then more new stuff! New stocks of the highly popular Futaba 2HR have arrived along with recievers and parts! The New standard by Futaba. Features a lightweight handset, light reciever and 2 channels at a super low price! And More!!! A picture tells a words so we are slowly updating our drawings of products for items we have here, gives you an idea of what they are like and some are pretty special!

SailsEtc are always very functional and durable and the Australian made Hales Micro pulleys are simply the best, featuring stainless steel ball bearings almost do not need to use Corrosion X on them, almost!

Prepreg carbon and milled bronze speed machine. Hales Pulleys, ceramic bearings and made in Australia! Why drill a hole for a heavy switch that can be a leak point or a smaller one that gets knocked and turns your boat off when you can fit one of these!

As used on our race boats! Pass a magnet over the position where the switch is mounted and the light turns on when the power does! All your RG rigging parts to get you on the water! Many years old and have been hidden in the corner of a warehouse after the Importer of Star Yachts retired. These are the last in the world and are in limited numbers.Also model yacht fittings, winches, radios, countdown start timer. Build to any stage of completion for all classes. Midwest Model Yachting Supplier of building materials and plans.

Carbon, Glass, and Kevlar as cloth, tow, ribbons and tubes, plus the adhesives to work. Glass, Carbon, Kevlar cloth by the yard. Mat, tubes and tapes. Supplies "Gougeon Brothers, Inc. Fasteners, wire, metals, tubing, etc. Tools, resins and other supplies to complete. Also regular servos, radios and other electronics. Also service for electronics. Pete Scoring Scoring program for club racing and regattas Stentec Software Sailing Simulator, learn racing tactics and right-of-way rules Rigging Hdwr.

Aluminum masts, tear drop shape with bolt rope slot. Also radios and batteries Tools Byrnes Model Machines Model builder size bench power tools Micro-Mark Model builder size bench power tools, large selection of hand tools, other supplies Model Expo Model builder size bench power tools, large selection of hand tools, other supplies Prox-Tech Inc.

Model builder size bench power tools X-Acto Saws, knives, wood working tools Email the webmaster see below with any link you think should be added or deleted. Model Yachting advertisers. Brighton Boat Works Building materials Intensity Sails RC Laser boats Leading Edge Hobbies Model yacht fittings of all types Model Yacht Fittings Rigging fittings machined in brass Stall Sail Carrier Sail carrier bags of packcloth for all sails.

Start Mate Starting Timers Starting timers.


Tippecanoe Boats Boat kits and sails Build Materials ACP composites. Also mast, sails and rigging fittings Scale Sailing Footy hulls, sails and rigging The plans are still not ready to be released. An STL of hull and foils will follow. This is interesting in that it is a Six Metre version of his A class design.

The design also fits the US X Class. PDF of the very large plan is available from me. Just send me a message. There seems to be more than on of these yachts now in the planning stage.

This design as Phoenix 8 will be published as a plan by FRD in I have several new designs under way, most are being made public until after they are built or available as plans. This is a new design based on my successful Ellipsis IOM concept. Another old plan.

Built by ARS composite Freelancer the boat is very high standard and light. You can order direct from ARS. I currently have two Ellipsis IOM kits available. These can be dispatched once packed. Details HERE. There will be more kits available as time permits. Boats will be available from ARS in I will be resuming making kits and some boats for version 1 and 2 soon. See IOM Yachts. Well done Gary. I am also working on a couple of experimental 3D printed molds thanks to the help of Kyle Stewart.

I have stopped producing kits for the Ellipsis. I am still working on organising a builder for this design and also making it available to be 3D printed.

iom yacht kits

Alien A class design is now on my Older Plans Page. These are pdf scans of the original tracings and are these larger sizes that need to be taken to a printer. Most of these plans have not been available since around Mantua White Wood Filler Plain Coupling Insert 4mm. Mantua HMS Victory. Nelsons Flagship Amati Riva Aquarama - Italian Runabout. Universal Joint - Red. Radient LiPo 3S mAh Radient LiPo 3S mAh 7. Radient LiPo 2S mAh 7. Disar Models Modellers Paint Station.

Disar Models Work Station with Cradle. Covid Information. Contact Details. Explanation of Kit Difficulty Ratings. Mantua Instruction Manuals. Call us on Home Login Recent Orders. Amati Aquacraft. Artesania Latina Billing Boats. Caldercraft Scale Model Boats Dumas. Helion RC Boats Joysway. New Maquettes Occre Model Boats. Pro Boat Racing Boats. Sailing Yachts Thunder Tiger. Traxxas Wooden Model Boat Co.

iom yacht kits

Matchstick Kits Modellers Shipyard. Victory Miniatures. Guns of History Mantua Cannons and Weapons. Shipyard Dockyard Buildings Card Models. Traxxas Spare Parts. Academy Airfix.

AMT Dragon. Ebbro Easy Model. Heller Italeri.Additional included deck accessories are a radio pot, Rudder arm, mast ram and main sheet riser, and silicone nose bumper.

Just add servos and rigs we are happy to provide those as well!! This Item is Special Order Please allow weeks for delivery. Positions of keel, rudder and mast are the same as on original Kantun S. Weight distribution is as far as possible similar to Kantun S. Please specify the desired color when ordering. Color is added to the boat in the mold to insure an excellent finish without the additional weight of a gell coat. This method allows for a much wider range of available colors to make your IOM investment Unique.

The deck, hull, fin box and deck accessories are assembled at the factory. Additional Accessories for this boat include:. This hull design's Radio and servo tray does not support An Arm winch. Write review. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! All prices are in USD. Please wait Currency Displayed in. Wish Lists. View Cart 0 0. Search Search.

See 8 more pictures. This method allows for a much wider range of available colors to make your IOM investment Unique The deck, hull, fin box and deck accessories are assembled at the factory. Additional Accessories for this boat include: 1.

Black painted Carbon Fiber Rudder 2. Black painted Carbon Fiber Keel 3. Carbon fiber coated and black painted Ballast 4.This example was used by Guillermo Beltri for the European championship dominated by light airs and which he won. It has the rc pot accessible at deck level aft of the mainsheet post which we designate Option 1. The specification of our boats is available as a download under this section of the website. The specification of boats from the licenced builders will vary.

The alterations were to add freeboard and flare forward and to add emerging chines at the stern. Both changes were made to enhance performance in stronger conditions, especially the gusty conditions found on waters surrounded by trees and buildings typical of many UK sailing waters.

A self locking wheel adjustment allows precise mast rake control. The headsail sheet emerges from the foredeck and leads stright to the No 1 boom. For the No 2 and No 3 rigs the sheet is led aft to a wire fairlead before going to the boom.

The sheeting system, whether using a Hitec servo and large drum or RMG, is contained entirely below deck. The main sheet and headsail sheet each lead through a GRP moulded fairlead bonded to the inside of the hull on the starboard side - just visible in this photo of Pier Luigi Puthod's boat. The pot is offset to port while the winch and servo are offset to starboard. The main sheet exits the hull through a PTFE fairlead mounted into the bulkhead near the switch from where it goes directly to the main sheet post.

The sheet line from the winch returns from a block in the bow via a PTFE fairlead mounted on the port side of the mast tube - just visible near the switch cable.

D1 Design IOM RC Yacht

Although most of our customers tend to prefer us to do the completion work for them some have the time and like the task of putting the kit together themselves. We have good supporting material, plans and instructions to assist this. The following photos indicate how some of these are used. Photo by Sailsetc. It provides several other functions at the same time. The vertical part is, in fact, a 6 mm ID tube that is bonded to the bottom of the hull. A Dyneema line from the bottom of this tube provides the swivel for the No 1 headsail.

Just aft of that tube is a recess which allows the attachment points for the N0o 2 and No 2 headsail swivels ball raced version d to be placed low down so the headsail boom is close to the deck.

The depth of the main girder provides great stiffness and helps resist large rigging loads. On the left hand side is the moulded fairlead through which the sheet lines all pass.

The diagonal connections between hull bottom next to the mast and deck edge under the shroud attachment points are specially moulded items. The return line back to the winch drum as well as the main sheet and the headsail sheet all pass through the hole. The moulded surface is smoothly shaped so the lines pass with minimal friction. For the Marblehead and Ten Rater the fairlead is made using carbon. The diagonal is bonded in place with a stainless steel plate embedded underneath that takes the screws holding the shroud attachment plate in place.

The same method is used in the Marblehead and Ten Rater. The plate is held down to the deck and connected directly to the diagonals with two M2 stainless steel bolts.

The lower end of the rigging screw is a ball that is pushed through the larger part of the keyhole and then slid across to the other part inboard side. Adding and removing the rig is a little quicker thanks to this refinement and, if you wish to adjust the shroud tension, you can do it without removing the rigging screw.

The same method is used for the Marblehead and Ten Rater. To do this we mount the block onto a special moulding that is bolted into the boat. We use a Hales block as these are stronger and have about half the friction of similar items giving a useful boost to winch power.

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